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Rich Client Dashboard
General Info

On this financial company based in Washington-USA, we designed and built a XBRL data reader, which integrates with a java web service and provides a rich and interactive user experience.

Project Details

XBRLCloud reader allows users to interact, keep in track and find business information more accurately and efficiently. Built on the top of a robust java web service using SOAP, its interface was designed to consume XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) from different data sources creating a data representation that allows users to visualize, navigate and find all information in just a few clicks. One of the main challenges of this project was to get to understand the data business model information in order to parse and extract only the relevant information to the reader. On this project we used Spring and Hibernate on the backend tier and Flex 4.5 with SWIZ framework acting as an IOC container on the client layer. We also used an XMLLib to serialize XML data to native objects and ANT scripts to generate build and deploy to different environments.

Main Responsibilities

  • Design and build a XBRL reader client
  • Building ANT scripts to deployment and optimization
  • Integrating XBRL reader to a Java back-end service
  • Designing mockups, prototypes and artwork
  • Writing unit test