Project Details

Visions Live App

Mobile Cross Platform Development
General Info

With a small and very talented team of software engineers based in Christchurch-NZ, we designed and built this cross platform app to bring focus group to the tip of your fingers.

Project Details

VisionsLive app is a cross platform (iOS & Android) solution that brings focus group right into customers pockets and assist companies to perform qualitative research in order to acquire feedback about new products. Researchers can set and track discussions, activities and tasks, capturing key points in a respondent's journey. Researchers can now be there when it happens and understand more. This app was designed and built using Xamarim MonoTouch in order to be compiled across iOS and Android environment. Both apps integrate to a .NET WebService used to create sessions, questions and share medias such as images, videos and audios. The distribution, test and report were achieved using TestFlight and the app was compatible with iOS 5 and later versions.

Main Responsibilities

  • iOS and Android development using Xamarin MonoTouch
  • Web services Integration
  • Creating and customizing Xamarin components
  • Writing HTML5, CSS and Javascript code to web views
  • Creating and maintain online documentation