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Project Partner App

Flex / Coldfusion Development
General Info

This web application main goal is to leverage multiple innovative technologies revitalizing asset management best practice and bring a fresh perspective to the coordination of new asset and maintenance.

Project Details

Project partner is a web application to manage and coordinate project resources. Some of the features include: project planning, budget monitoring, performance reporting, individuals activities tracking and contract claims. Project partner was built on the top of the Flex Framework with a back-end in Coldfusion and SQLServer database. My main responsibility on this project was to build new features, maintain previous code, test and document artifacts. Coordinate design and implementation of applications, collaborate with project managers, engineers and clients in order to ensure on-time completion of project deliveries. One of the main challenges I had on this project was to keep updated with all technologies involved and create an ANT build script to automate the tests and deploy different releases versions of the product. All the features, releases and bugs were managed on Jira, the documentation to the team and business analysts was based on Confluence and the source code was managed on a GIT repository.

Main Responsibilities

  • Extend and maintain Flex components
  • Write appropriated automated tests
  • Build and extend Coldfusion components
  • Automate the deployment system with ANT build scripts
  • Continuous development and maintenance of reusable object libraries in order to reduce development time