Project Details

Pay My Tax App

Mobile Cross Platform Development
General Info

Pay My Tax is a mobile app that allows users to shift the payment dates for provisional tax to a time that better suits the taxpayer’s business – and avoid paying the IRD’s interest or penalties.

Project Details

Pay my tax is the first company in New Zealand that allows customers to choose a payment date that better suits their needs. With pay my tax app, customers can simulate and manage the provisional tax date without having to worry about interest or penalties from the IRD. It allows customers to fully plan their cash flow and frees up the money to spend on the business. Pay My Tax App can also schedule calendar reminders and send customers an email on specific dates in order to organize better their provisional tax date. Pay My Tax app is currently available on Apple store and google play.

Main Responsibilities

  • Cloud services setup and administration
  • Architecture, database and system design
  • Email cloud system setup
  • Titanium development cross platform
  • Writing appropriated automated test
  • Creating and documenting cloud services API