Project Details

Mainstream App

Android development
General Info

Mainstream App is an Android tablet application that automates and enrich the process of delivery and pick-up of parcels, speeding up tasks and enhancing customers experience.

Project Details

Mainstream-App redefined the entire process of pick-up and deliveries taking the customers and drivers experiences to a whole new level. This app coordinates with a central system allowing registered drivers to be notified about new pickups or delivery jobs, clients information and good details. Drivers are notified immediately on the app by push notification messages and the app gets updated with the latest information from the central system. The app also allows drivers make decisions to accept or reject a job, update jobs status, add notes and attach other information such as photos and files. Mainstream-App is also featured with GEO technology which allows the central system to track drivers location in case of accidents or any other issues on the process of deliveries or pick ups. The app is currently running in a production environment and demonstrations are available upon request.

Main Responsibilities

  • Team leading
  • Sprint planning, requirements elicitations
  • Infrastructure setup (GIT, C.I, JIRA, Parse, IDEs, etc)
  • Architecture and system design
  • Continuous integration setup and administration
  • Push Notifications setup and API development
  • SDK Dev, Build setup and distribution process
  • JSON API Design
  • Automating tests setup in C.I
  • Confluence documentation