Project Details

Greentime App

iOS / back-end development
General Info

GreenTime is an iPhone app that helps you to manage and keep tracking of your working time. With GreenTime, you don't have to worry about filling out forms or spreadsheets. It's fun, useful and easy to use.

Project Details

GreenTime is an app to help you to improve your productivity on managing your working time. You can also keep your clients and project details always updated anywhere at any time. This app also brings to the table a very handy feature that allows you to start tracking your time as you arrive or leave your working place. The timesheet feature let you have an overview of your working hours in a certain date range for all your clients. You can tap one of your clients and access all the date and time information including your arriving, leaving time and work loaded. GreenTime is 100% free and anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or email account can start using right away. On this project I was responsible for setup, administrate and build the back-end services, design and development the IOS solution and coordinate with the Android team in order to provide required assets and services.

Main Responsibilities

  • Cloud services setup and administration
  • Architecture, database and system design
  • Build cloud services API to iOS and Android
  • Design mockups, prototypes and artwork
  • iOS development
  • Automated tests setup
  • Continuous integration setup and administration
  • Creating and documenting the cloud services API